Where to Find Meeting Rooms in New York City?

The business industry is continuously growing. Today, there are tons of possibilities to start a business and provide more jobs. Aside from regular employees, remote workers are widely available throughout the world. Meetings done in the office can also be done in a more conducive place. New York City is one of the busiest places on the planet and the city has many meeting rooms to choose from.

Make sure to check these 10 meeting rooms’ providers for your next meeting;


Jay Suites

The company has many branches in New York, you can find it in Grand Central, Time Square, Madison Avenue, and 5th Avenue. The pricing starts as low as $1199 per month for 1-2 persons.



It has 8 corporate meeting spaces in New York City. Each space offers high-speed internet connection, unlimited onsite drinks and snacks, gourmet cuisine, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible meeting spaces.



Meeting rooms booking fee starts as cheap as $20 per hour. They also offer meeting packages which price depends on the location, number of people, and hour inclusion.


Sage Workspace

The company has an on-demand meeting and training rooms. It also provides office space and even co-working spacefor freelancers. It is located at276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 704 New York, NY 10001.



It is located at the Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City. It has 10 exceptional meeting and event spaces. A Tom Colicchio Restaurant provides full exclusive catering.



It has branches in Time Square, Bryant Park, Penn Station, and a new open site in Manhattan. The meeting spaces are near subway stations and accessible to anyone.


Edgy Works

The company helps events for company meetings. It also offers co-working spaces for individuals or group of people. The address of Edgy Works is 1560 Broadway Suite 812 New York, NY 10036.


Helen Mills

The company offers all-inclusive event packages for big corporate meetings and events. It can accommodate as many as 140 seated guests. The package includes meals, state-of-the-art technology facilities, signage, furniture, and space customization.


Soho Soleil

It offers different meeting packages such as CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite. The third one is the most luxurious among the packages. It is located at 138 Grand St,

New York, NY 10013.


Rental Space NYC

This space offers meeting spaces, dance studio, photo and video shoots, and rehearsal. It has a1880 sq. ft. party room which is ideal for meetings, the rate starts at $150 per hour.


These meeting spaces are only 10 of the many in New York City. Match your corporate meeting requirements and check which is suitable for you. One of the most important features of a meeting space is the state-of-the-art facility. Take a look at what each company offers and make a comparison. Take note of the food access and location. Make sure that everything you need is in one meeting space provider.


Not only corporate meetings are required by the law, but it is also crucial in making informed decisions and actions for business development and growth.

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