Since Toronto has the largest population in Canada, the business and commercial establishments are booming. Left and right you can see offices, restaurants, boutiques, banks, etc. Name it, Toronto has everything you need. That is why it is a perfect place to establish a business. A meeting is vital to business and nowadays, more and more companies choose to hold their meetings outside the office due to its numerous advantages. But finding the right meeting space can be time consuming. To make things easier, here we’ve listed the top ten meeting rooms you can find and book in Toronto;   Vantage Venues The company offersRead More →

The business industry is continuously growing. Today, there are tons of possibilities to start a business and provide more jobs. Aside from regular employees, remote workers are widely available throughout the world. Meetings done in the office can also be done in a more conducive place. New York City is one of the busiest places on the planet and the city has many meeting rooms to choose from. Make sure to check these 10 meeting rooms’ providers for your next meeting;   Jay Suites The company has many branches in New York, you can find it in Grand Central, Time Square, Madison Avenue, and 5thRead More →

Chicago is the number 3 most populous city in the United States of America. It has Chicago loop as its center for business. The investors and established businesses are booming dues to its competency in the industry. That is why a wide range of meeting rooms becomes a necessity in the city to make it easier for them to reserve a space any time. Still searching for ideas? Here we’ve gathered the best meeting rooms you can check for your next corporate meetings: Conference Chicago It is located at the downtown’s South loop neighborhood, one block away from the Loop. The price starts at $385Read More →