Where to Find Meeting Rooms in London?

Where to Find Meeting Rooms in London?

If you ever wanted to organize a business meeting or need a place to meet up, then this article may help you decide which meeting room to choose. A meeting room can used for professional, public, or private gatherings. Whether it be a business meeting, company dinner or a birthday  party – there is no limit to what you can use a meeting room for. Now, where can I find meeting rooms in London? Here are some of our suggestions.


Located at Old Street in London, this conference room seats over 80 individuals for just about any gathering. Rental pricing on average is about 300 British Pounds. This space is perfect for Art Exhibitions, Amplified Events, birthday parties, weddings, or ticketed events. The Court Room also offers WIFI, parking and storage space that will surely fit just about any need. Availability is from 8 AM to 11:30 PM, everyday.


One of the meeting rooms in London that can be used for business or board meetings, for lunch or dinner with your colleagues or something similar. Regardless of the intended use, The Courtroom at Merchant Taylors’ Hall may be the perfect fit for you, with stunning structural details; carved wooden paneling, large mullioned windows and beautiful set paintings. Due to its luxurious nature, and presented amenities, prices can be on the high end.

The Courtroom at Merchant Taylor’s Hall is located near the Bank Underground Station and has the following capacities: 22-Boardroom, 32-Cabaret, 24-Dining, 60-Reception, and 48-Theater. This place has an area of 70 square meters and can be used for events such as art exhibitions, promotions, weddings, and dining events. Per request, you can have access to their kitchen, halal catering, and kosher catering.

  1. 58VE

If you are looking for a venue that seats a large amount of people, this place might be the perfect  fit. Starting at 63 British Pounds per person, 58VE is an awesome space for seminars, conferences, and workshops. The meeting room is located in Blackfriars. 58VE and offers an audio system, HD projectors with drop-down screens, plug and play services, professional kitchen, and highly recommended caterers. The capacities are 48 people for a Boardroom, 60 for Cabaret, 90 for Dining, 190 for Reception, and 180 for a Theater. Availabilities are between 9 AM to 5 PM, everyday; however the meeting room can be used past 5 Pm, but you must contact property management.

  1. MEWE360 Boardroom

If you are looking for a more calm, informal ambiance, the MEWE360 Boardroom is right up your alley. Its a perfect fusion of modern design with traditional details. Located at Tottenham Court Road at Picadilly Circus,  MEWE360 has the capacity to hold 16 people sitting in a U-shaped formation. The average price for this meeting room rental is 500 British Pounds depending on the type of event. The MEWE360 Boardroom has high ceilings, huge television screens with HDMI connection, Wi-Fi, AV System, Plug and Play systems, Shops, Natural light, Good View, Special aesthetic inside, and surround speakers. Its the perfect place for smaller exhibitions, conferences, business talks, smaller ticketed events, birthdays, etc. The meeting room rental prices may vary, depending on the number of people, time of the day and duration of your rental. You can visit their website for a full list of prices.


The Scotsman’s room at Grosvenor Hotel is a traditional and classy meeting room that offers everything you will need for a business meeting or general meeting space. Located in the Victoria area (next to the famous Victoria station), The Scotsman’s room offers high-level communication systems and latest technology, AV equipment, Television, and free WiFi. This meeting room holds up to 18 people for a Boardroom meeting, 12 for Cabaret, 18 for an informal Classroom, 18 for a dining event, 25 for a Reception, and 35 for a Theatre. The best thing about The Scotsman’s room, its relatively more affordable than all the other options mentioned on this list. Priced at around 50 British pounds per reservation.