Where to Find Meeting Rooms in London?

Where to Find Meeting Rooms in London?

If you ever wanted to organize a business meeting or you just require a place to meet up, then this article may help you decide which meeting room to choose. The meeting room is a place where you can organize all your gatherings that may be professional, public, or private. Business meetings, company dinner or just 18th birthday for your son – the choice may be difficult especially, with the large choice of meeting rooms in London. Knowing your required use of it might help you in your final decision. Here are some of our suggestions.


Our first suggestion is The Court Room at THE HAC. Located at Old Street in London, this conference room has space wide enough for 80 individuals to gather. If you wish to rent it, the asking price goes up to 300 British Pounds. This place is perfect for Art Exhibitions, Amplified Events (Smaller Concerts or something similar to private gigs and parties), birthday parties, weddings, ticketed events etc. It has around 80 square meters and the outside access to it can be blocked. It also has WIFI, parking space as well as a vast outside area and storage space that will surely fit your needs. It can be rented any day from 8 AM to 11:30 PM at the same price.


One of the meeting rooms in London that can be used for business or board meetings, for lunch or dinner with your colleagues or something similar. Regardless of the intended use, The Courtroom at Merchant Taylors’ Hall may be the perfect fit for you. Due to its luxurious nature, and the fixtures present, this meeting rooms’ rental goes really high sometimes. The asking price for it is worth it as the looks of this place are just stunning – carved wooden paneling, large mullioned windows and beautiful paintings are some of the reasons this place looks really pretty.

The Courtroom at Merchant Taylor’s Hall is located near the Bank Underground Station and has the following capacities: 22 Boardroom, 32 Cabaret, 24 Dining, 60 Reception, 48 Theatre. This place has an area of 70 square meters and can be used for events such as art exhibitions, promotions, weddings, dinners and natural daylight can make the atmosphere just stunning. On your request, you might have a professional kitchen, halal catering, and kosher catering, depending on your needs. It can be rented any day from 9 AM until 5 PM and the price goes up to 1200 British Pounds.

  1. 58VE

If you want to have a conference of some kind, public or private and the number of individuals involved is a great amount, this place might be perfect for you. Starting at 63 British Pounds per person, 58VE is a place for speeches, smaller audiences, seminars, conferences, and workshops. It has perfect settings and surroundings for all your participants. This is one of the meeting rooms in London located in  Blackfriars and this place has an audio system, HD projectors with drop-down screens, plug and play services, professional kitchen, highly recommended caterers and a space of 164 square meters. The capacities of this place are 48 Boardroom, 60 Cabaret, 90 Dining, 190 Reception, 180 Theatre. You may have the meeting room rental for this place any day from 9 AM until 5 PM for these business meetings which we mentioned earlier, although the place has the allowance to be used until 11 PM.

  1. MEWE360 Boardroom

If you are a person that has a desire for natural ambiance in your desired space, surrounded by classy looking furniture that provide comfort, The MEWE360 Boardroom is right up your alley. It balances the modern looks with the traditional ones. It is located at Tottenham Court Road at Picadilly Circus and has the capacity to hold 16 people sitting in a U-shaped formation. The price goes from 500 British Pounds depending on the type of event. This place has high ceilings, huge television screens with HDMI connection, Wi-Fi, AV System, Plug and Play systems, Shops, Natural light, Good View, Special aesthetic inside, speakers and with 28 square meters it is a perfect place for smaller exhibitions, conferences, business talks, smaller ticketed events, birthdays etc. The meeting room rental prices may vary, depending on a number of people, time of the day and duration of your rental, but you can check all the prices at their website or just google it as this is a very popular meet-up space in London.


The Scotsman’s room at Grosvenor Hotel traditional classy is a nice-looking hotel area, that is not very expensive. It is one of the meeting rooms in London located in the Victoria area and has everything one professional, classy looking, elegant and business meeting place should have. With high-level communication and latest technology, AV equipment, Television, Wifi, and strategic location (next to the famous Victoria station) this location also has other merits. It has a professional kitchen and with the capacities of 18 Boardroom, 12 Cabaret, 18 Classroom, 18 Dining, 25 Reception, 35 Theatre and 14 U-Shaped places, you may think this will cost too much for you. But that is where you were wrong. With the meeting room rental being 50 British Pounds per person, your conference might get a whole new feel and look in this exceptional meeting place.